夜咄の茶会 Yobanashi tea gathering at J-Collabo

I conducted "Yobanashi" (夜咄) Tea Ceremony. It is fully presented under candlelight. The guests purify their hands before entering the tea room. Then I started the tea procudure. I think the guests enjoyed the silence with the sound of "Shofu" in the dark.

The theme of today's tea ceremoy was "松風塵外心 / Shofu Jingai no Kokoro"
The meaning is leave all your stress, anxiety and troubles outside of the tea room.

I told the story about Rikyu's death, Tea history and Tea ceremony's history.
"Shogun Hideyoshi commanded Rikyu to commit suicide by disembowelment. The puzzle of Rikyu’s death has inspired many stories and theories; at the east we can say that the trouble between them was born from a fissure between art and power."

People listened to Rikyu's story and tea history with rapt attention.
They asked many questions. I had a question that made me think about why Shuko Murata added “spirit” into the mixture, why powdered green tea was not be drunk in China eventhoght tea was originaly imported from China

I was inpressed that people are so interested in tea ceremony.
This event was a great success. Thank you for all.




by moonlightnj | 2016-11-18 20:00 | TEA 市民茶会